Adopt an olive tree in Istria

 the best olive oil region in the world!

delivering high quality olive oil from the grove to your table, while having you with us along the journey!

Be part of the story

We want to share our passion with lovers of high quality extra virgin olive oil, lovers of nature and supporters of eco-sustainable production. With our initiative, we give you the opportunity to adopt one of our trees, follow its circle of life and receive its oil at the end of the harvesting year.
By adopting an olive tree you become part of the story behind the flavor, you support local farming and our family's long-run tradition of olive oil production.

Adopt for yourself

We know exactly how it feels, when you want to treat yourself with some high quality olive oil. Our family has been doing this for years! Adopt an olive tree and have the privilege of enjoying its precious oil delivered at your door.
Become part of a community that loves Istrian olive oil, support local farming and earth's sustainability. Make a gift to yourself that will be a greater gift to nature.

Adopt as a gift

Haven't you ever spent hours trying to find a unique gift for a wedding, a newborn, a good friend's anniversary or birthday?
Adopting an Istrian olive tree is an excellent, original and meaningful gift. 

You choose the gift adoption package, personalized message, decide whether the package will be sent directly to the person you offer the adoption to or to you, so that you personally hand it to them 

Adopt as corporate gift

Reward your best employees, show clients your appreciation or celebrate any success by adopting an olive tree in Istria.
The name of the employer, client or corporate business will be written on a plaque affixed on the tree and at the end of the harvesting year they will receive its premium olive oil.
Another reminder for your co-workers, that when you put love in what you do, you always get something good in return.

Once adopted, a plaque is affixed on the tree with the name of the adopter. Adoption duration: one year from the purchase date.

We will be updating you with in-depth information on production and your tree’s health and growth.

You also get the opportunity to visit your tree and our family, either for your summer holidays or during our harvest season, when you can also attend all the processing steps to the final product.

Your table is the final destination of this journey, where we will deliver your annual olive oil, made with love, responsibility and your valuable participation.

Olive oil never tasted better, than when you get it from your own tree!

Choose your adoption pack that fits you best


99 € per year

Advanced "Istrijan"

199 € per year